Silverwood is a flute and guitar duo playing Euro/American classical music spanning 800 years, winter holiday music, and traditional Celtic music (Irish, Scottish, British) with the addition of the bodhran (Irish drum). Silverwood has been entertaining Louisville area audiences for over 30 years and is available for your private party, wedding, corporate function, retail promotion, or other special event.

Silverwood Celtic Trio



Mozart – Piano Sonata in C Major
Vivaldi – Spring, The Four Seasons
Boccherini – Concerto in D Major
Dowland – Kemp’s Jig
Telemann – Finale, Concerto a tre for Recorder, Horn & Harpsichord
Banish Misfortune
The Ash Plant
Irish Lamentation
New York Harbor
Si Bheag Si Mohr

Christmas / Winter Holiday

The Christmas Song
Greensleeves / Greensleeves & Yellow Lace
Coventry Carol

Nancy Harris, flutist, and John Grammer, guitarist, have played together as the duo Silverwood since 1993.  Silverwood has a split personality.  It is a classical ensemble, playing European and American music of the past eight centuries.  It is also a traditional Celtic band, playing jigs, reels, strathspeys, hornpipes, and waltzes.  As a Celtic ensemble, bodhran (Irish drum) is often added to the mix.

Nancy Harris began her musical training on accordion at the age of five.  She began playing flute at the age of 13 and studied with Francis Fuge at the University of Louisville, where she received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music education.  In the past 40 years Nancy has played in ensembles featuring Irish and Scottish music as well as classical styles ranging from medieval to contemporary.  Her flutes include silver flute, soprano and alto recorders, and penny whistle (tin whistle), plus a dabbling in various ethnic flutes.  Nancy is also a music contractor, assembling freelance musicians in pit  and stage orchestras for touring shows as well as choral and dance ensembles (see Orchestra Contracting).

John Grammer began his musical studies on percussion and piano at the age of seven.  He continued at the University of Louisville and Bellarmine College (now Bellarmine University), studying percussion with Elizabeth Fries and Theodore Otten, French horn with William Sloane, and music theory and composition with Don Murray.  It was at Bellarmine that John began playing the guitar and fell in love with the instrument.  He has performed in Europe and throughout the Midwestern and Southern United States with orchestras, musicals, folk-rock duos, rock bands, jazz/fusion and chamber ensembles.  As a teacher of guitar and music theory for more than 35 years, his diversity of musical styles enables him to communicate both basic and advanced techniques to all ages and levels of ability.

Jeshima, also known as K. Michelle Lewis, began their musical training on clarinet at the age of eleven. They began playing percussion in high school and continued training at Morehead State University with Frank Oddis where they received a Bachelor of Music Education, followed by a Master’s in Percussion Performance at Rutgers University, studying with She-e Wu. Currently, Jeshima is a Ph.D. student at the University of Kentucky where their research interests include community drum circles and the social and emotional benefits of group drumming. As a music educator in the public schools for more than 25 years, they are presently working as an entrepreneur at DrumSmart LLC where they teach workshops and lessons, present professional development in-person and online, and perform as a freelance percussionist.  

Silverwood would be delighted to play your special event! Contact Nancy at nancy [at]

All music used on this website is public domain.